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Having some fun with Batman! Was going for a mix of Year One batman with a stronger upper body.

Jurtan character designs from my Cat Sorcerer comic. I still really like the pink version of him but I had to make him look like more of a nemesis so I went with blue/grey version.

Just realised there’s a few prints from my Witches and Wizards art show that I never posted. So I thought I’d be a good blogger and share.

If you guys have any questions about my process/how I work, please drop me an ‘ask’ :) 

A Ranger of the Woods

I’m busy with character designs for what I hope will be an eventual graphic novel or web comic. I posted some similar characters a while ago and I’ve been sketching and designing a lot of animal characters since then.

A Young Lord Voldemort

For some reason I pictured a young Voldemort having a horrid mustache.

Elderly Necromancer

The Cat Sorcerer that was featured in this years Velocity 4 Anthology. I drew the panels and Steven Prouse wrote the story.

Is it possible to buy your prints as Ipad cases? I love your work!

Hi, Thanks. Glad you are like the art :) Unfortunately nothing at the moment is planned for iPad cases. Never thought of putting my art on anything like that. I’ll look into it. 

elmontaraz asked:
disculpa que sea en español, pero tus ilustraciones inspiran!

Google translated - “apology is in Spanish, but your artwork inspired!”

That makes me happy! Gracias :)

I just wanted to say that I absolutely adore your art. The amount of personality you can pack into each one is incredible. Fantastic stuff!

*blushes* Thanks Krista!

ofwolves asked:
Just wanna let you know that your art makes me happy! You are so good *3*

Hey! Thanks so much :D

I saw this image of Henry Cavill on Digital Spy ( for the new Batman & Superman Movie. I was feeling sick and I had the day off so I did this as an experiment. I think it needs a bit more work but I think I have the idea down.

I’ll do a batman next or maybe a Thor movie tribute. I want to do a bunch of fan art either way of my favorite characters growing up because I’d really like to get some comic book cover work.

I wanna say a huge thank you to the super awesome 681 followers I have on tumblr. All the likes, reblogs and comments keep me going <3 

Here are the first 4 Pages of The Cat Sorcerer. The 12 page story will appear in the Velocity 4 Anthology along side a ton of fantastic creators from South Africa and Australia.

Velocity 4 will be launched at this years San Diego Comic Con. Stay tuned for more details for the book.