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A Ranger of the Woods

I’m busy with character designs for what I hope will be an eventual graphic novel or web comic. I posted some similar characters a while ago and I’ve been sketching and designing a lot of animal characters since then.

A Young Lord Voldemort

For some reason I pictured a young Voldemort having a horrid mustache.

Elderly Necromancer

The Cat Sorcerer that was featured in this years Velocity 4 Anthology. I drew the panels and Steven Prouse wrote the story.

Is it possible to buy your prints as Ipad cases? I love your work!

Hi, Thanks. Glad you are like the art :) Unfortunately nothing at the moment is planned for iPad cases. Never thought of putting my art on anything like that. I’ll look into it. 

elmontaraz asked:
disculpa que sea en español, pero tus ilustraciones inspiran!

Google translated - “apology is in Spanish, but your artwork inspired!”

That makes me happy! Gracias :)

I just wanted to say that I absolutely adore your art. The amount of personality you can pack into each one is incredible. Fantastic stuff!

*blushes* Thanks Krista!

ofwolves asked:
Just wanna let you know that your art makes me happy! You are so good *3*

Hey! Thanks so much :D

I saw this image of Henry Cavill on Digital Spy ( for the new Batman & Superman Movie. I was feeling sick and I had the day off so I did this as an experiment. I think it needs a bit more work but I think I have the idea down.

I’ll do a batman next or maybe a Thor movie tribute. I want to do a bunch of fan art either way of my favorite characters growing up because I’d really like to get some comic book cover work.

I wanna say a huge thank you to the super awesome 681 followers I have on tumblr. All the likes, reblogs and comments keep me going <3 

Here are the first 4 Pages of The Cat Sorcerer. The 12 page story will appear in the Velocity 4 Anthology along side a ton of fantastic creators from South Africa and Australia.

Velocity 4 will be launched at this years San Diego Comic Con. Stay tuned for more details for the book.

The Cat Sorcerer, my 12 Page Comic is coming out soon in the next Velocity 4 Anthology. Top: Resh, character design. Middle: Jurtan, a random panel. Bottom: The Cat Sorcerer, random panel.

Fun little #WICKEDWITCH for @Sketch_Dailies


Walker of the wilds, tamer of animals.


Another piece I did for the WITCHES & WIZARDS Art Show.